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System Use
Breach and Remedy


We limit content to products and/or services for business, associations,
clubs, schools, government, and individuals sites that promote legal sales,
activities or fun. We reserve the right to reject any content that is counter
to our goals of providing fast and reliable web servers.

Examples of unacceptable content or links

* Any illegal content
* Pornography
* Pirated software
* Hacker's programs or archives
* Warez Sites
* MP3 hosting (commercial content) reserves the right to ban questionable content at our
sole discretion. That content includes but is not limited to, bomb making
instructions, sites that encourage the overthrow of the USA, sites that
promote harmful acts to individuals, groups of people or animals.

Email Usage:

Examples of unacceptable Email usage includes:

* Using the mail server for unsolicited Email
* Using the mail server as a relay for others to use.

“Spamming” (the sending of unsolicited email messages) is not allowed
using's servers/network. If an incident of “Spamming” is
reported to us, we will investigate the report to determine if it is valid.
If validity of the reported spamming is found then the offending client will
be warned and notified to cease the practice. If any spamming occurs after
notification then the client's account will be terminated.

Warranty/Guarantee: does not warranty or guarantee any services provided as
fit for a particular purpose. Client agrees to hold IN-Depth/
harmless for any and all service interruptions due to any reason. Services that
are interrupted for 24 consecutive hours will be due a prorated refund in the
equivilent amount of additional service . Client agrees that the prorated
sevice is the complete and only compensation due for said interruptions
of services.

System Use:

Use of server(s) and/or network to cause harm to any
other network or server(s) is prohibited.

Breach and Remedy:

Failure to follow the Terms and Conditions as stated above will result in a
notice sent to the offending client's account. If the breach is not brought into
compliance with the Terms and Conditions within 10 days of the notice, the
client's account will be terminated.


We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone for any reason.