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Seacloak Software, Inc., Makers of the Traffic Report Log Analysis Tool

"I've really never used any log analyzing software before but I must say I am very impressed with Traffic [Report]. Setup really is very easy and the reports it generates are informative, easy to read and require very little setup on my behalf. It has already helped us to make decisions as to what areas we need to improve and what areas of our site work okay. I especially like the report that shows what site referred the user to our site. That's cool!!! Thanks again for all your help."

--Frank Fillie

Traffic Report — Version 1.2.1

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Traffic Report System Requirements
  • MacOS 7.0 thru OSX 10.x (versions prior to 7.5 require the Thread Manager and ObjectSupportLib (only needed for PowerPC) extensions in the Extensions folder)
  • A 68040 or PowerPC (includes 601, 603, 604, G3 and G4) processors
  • 5 MB or more of RAM (the amount needed depends on your log and which reports you’ve enabled)
Release Notes

New in Version 1.2.1

    • This update introduces a series of Page-based reports. These new reports include your visitors' most popular page requests, the pages of your site that may have stale links (complete with a listing of those links) and the most error-prone pages.
    • The URL report now includes a second section which displays the URLs sorted by error.
    • Several operations now enjoy improved threading (computer responsiveness) and/or speed.
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