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Advanced Configurations
DNS Look-ups [Pro Edition Only]

Perform DNS Look-ups — Your visitors my appear in your Logs as numbers such as If you’d like them to appear with their real names in your reports, such as “,” turn the Perform DNS Look-ups option on in the Log Prefs group. In order for this feature to work, your computer needs to have an open connection to the Internet. When TR resolves the IP addresses to DNS, it definitely slows things down the first time through. However, TR will remember the look-ups even if you quit and relaunch. So the next time around the performance hit won’t be as bad. TR’s DNS cache entries periodically expire. Successful look-ups expire after 18 weeks and unsuccessful look-ups after 6 weeks. To view info about the DNS cache, select Show DNS Cache from the View menu.

DNS Cache Stats Window

This shows you the number of attempted look-ups in the cache. The percentage represents the look-ups that were successful. The “Late” look-up number is also shown. When TR is performing DNS look-ups, it sometimes gets tired of waiting for a response to a look-up. When this happens, TR uses the visitor’s number in the report. When the look-up completes, TR remembers it and uses the name in future reports.

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