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Seacloak Software, Inc., Makers of the Traffic Report Log Analysis Tool
Advanced Configurations
Adjusting the Reports’ Level of Detail

TR lets you select how detailed or uncluttered you’d like a report to be. Some of the reports can be adjusted to display as much or as little detail as you’d like. For instance, you can set the Visitors report to display the top 10, top 50, or even top 1,000 visitors to your web site. To adjust a report’s level of detail:

  1. Click the Preferences button in the document window. (The Preferences window will appear.)
  2. Select the HTML Reports panel.
  3. Select the report you’d like to change.
  4. The number in the “Top” column, if any, shows the top number of items that will appear in the report. To change this number hit the Tab key or click on it.
  5. An edit field will appear around the number, allowing you to change it to whatever number you like. (It takes no more memory to report on the top 1,000 items than it takes to report on the top 10.)

To easily move the Top column’s edit field to another row hit the Tab key (to move down) or Shift-Tab (to move up).