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Agent Reports

TR can produce three reports that are based on the Agents (the visitors’ software) used to access your site. Instead of reporting upon all the individual browser versions and subversions, TR tries to group related Agents together into meaningful categories.

By default, TR reports on two categories, “Explorer” and “Navigator,” which represent the browsers of the same names. You don’t have to settle with these plain-vanilla categories, however. You can set up your own categories to track the Agents in a way that is meaningful to you. You can even set up a category to track more exotic visitors, such as the automated searchers (called spiders or robots) sent out by search engines to inventory your web site.

For Agents that don’t fit into any of the established categories, TR keeps track of their statistics in an “Other” category. If you’d like to set up your own categories, see “Creating Report Categories.”

Agent Statistics

This report displays some stats for each Agent category you’ve set up. The stats describe the file transfers from your web site and your server’s ability to keep up with the demands placed on it. See the “Numeric Reports” section for a description of each of these statistics. This report is produced from the log entries’ Agent information.

Primary Domains by Agent

This shows the top PDs for each of your Agent categories. It’s useful for showing you which Agents are popular among which countries. This report is produced from your log entries’ Agent and Hostname (in the DNS format) information.

Referrers by Agent

This shows the top Referrers by each of your Agent categories. This report requires that your log entries contain Agent, Referrer and Result info.

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