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Seacloak Software, Inc., Makers of the Traffic Report Log Analysis Tool
Referrer Reports

Visitors navigate your site by clicking its various links. The Referrer is simply the page that contained a link to the URL the visitor asked for. This is valuable information since referring pages outside of your web site tell you how your visitors found your web site. See the Controlling How Internal Referrers Affect Your Reports for how to eliminate internal Referrers from your reports.

Rather than reporting on every single Referrer, TR groups the Referrers into the categories you specify.

By default, these categories are set up to track search engines (as shown above), but you can easily add your own. You might, for instance, like to add categories for the web sites your site advertises or has links on. See Creating Report Categories for how to add your own categories.

Referrer Stats

The stats displayed in this repo ‘rt include the number of visits from each Referrer and how long a typical visitor was at your site. The stats also describe the file transfers from your web site and your server’s ability to keep up with the demands placed on it. See the Numeric Reports section for a description of each of these statistics.

What about those referring domains that don’t fit into one of the established categories? TR keeps track of their statistics in the “Un-categorized Referrers” table. This table shows the top referring domains by their visit counts. By default, TR just displays the top ten. You can set TR to display how ever many you’d like. See Adjusting the Reports’ Level of Detail.

To produce this report, your log entries need to contain:

  • Referrer
  • Hostname
  • Date
  • Time

Though not required, it’s suggested that your log entries also contain:

  • Result
  • Bytes Sent
  • Transfer Time
Primary Domains by Referrer

This is an interesting report. It takes the visits generated by each Referrer, and gives you a country-by-country breakdown. Want to know how many French visits you got from the ads you placed at “AdSite C”? Which of your Referrers is the most popular with your Japanese visitors? This report can show you.

In addition to the Referrer Stats’ log entry needs, the hostnames need to be in the DNS format. If they aren’t, then you can have TR convert them to DNS. See the DNS Look-ups section for details.

Secondary Domains by Referrer

Secondaries are useful for identifying companies land other organizations. A secondary domain, such as “,” helps identify from what organizations your audience is coming.

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