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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions with links to answers below:

Q: In some of the reports the thruput number seems to disagree with the bytes sent and transfer time values. Is this some kind of bug in TR? Why does the thruput statistic appear as "Info unavailable" in my reports?
A: In order for a log entry to affect TR’s thruput calculation it must contain both bytes sent and transfer time. If it just contains one then TR won’t update its thruput stats(if it did the thruput wouldn't be accurate). If no log entries for a given item or time period contain the necessary info, then its thruput statistic will be undefined and appear in your reports as "Info unavailable."

Q: Why doesn’t TrafficReport understand my log?
A: TR may not be able to make a report on your log because:

  1. The log is in a format unrecognized by TR.
  2. The log does not include a format header and you have not specified the log’s structure (See “Specifying Your Logs’ Structure”).
  3. TR knows the log’s format but is still having trouble.

If A or C is the case please e-mail the following to

  • The name of the server software that produced the log
  • Any directives (non-records) at the top of the log file (they start with “#” for extended formats or sometimes “!” for the common formats)
  • A sample of the log itself (100+ records)

Q: Why aren’t the graphs viewable in my browser?
A: TrafficReport can produce graphs in the GIF or PNG image format. In order for PNG images to be viewable your browser must have native (built-in) PNG support (such as MS Explorer 4.x/Netscape Navigator 4.x).

Q: Why aren’t the graphs being updated? Why do my graphs appear stretched/compressed?
A: Though TrafficReport always updates your reports’ graphs, your browser doesn’t always display the updated image. This might occur if your browser is using a disk-based cache if it retrieves the image from its cache, rather than the image’s file. Even if the cache is off, browsers sometimes retrieve recently viewed images from memory, rather than from the image’s file. To correct the problem, clear your browser’s cache. If the problem persists, quit and relaunch your browser.

Q: Why do URLs or directories in my reports appear like "/index.html" (an invalid link) instead of ""
A: Even if your log entries contain the name of your website, TrafficReport does not gather this information from your log since it is typically not included in Logs by default and some fixed formats do not contain this information at all. Instead, TrafficReport assigns the web site (domain) to your URLs on the basis of their directory. This is done using the Domains window. See the "Reporting on Individual Sites" section for how to do this. Once done, your URLs will contain the name of your web site and will be valid links in your reports.